"When you realise that
everything is you"


Those were the words I heard as a mantra through my head for hours, during my very first plant medicine experience about 7 years ago. Like a nurturing song, during what I would describe as visiting an evil uncle in his creepy smelly house, who you thoroughly have been able to avoid till that point. And even though you do not want to go there, since you apparently are only able to get there through a rollercoaster like space tube, which is nauseating, you DO want to go there!

Why? Because somewhere you know there is a key there for your hidden desire for inner freedom. Little did I know then, these words would stick and help me remember many times when I felt off track, lost, in pain or in lack of faith. This adventure called life became my biggest passion. And nothing makes me happier than guiding people finding theirs. When you realize that you can create your outside world from within, that's when the magic happens. I would love to take you on my path, to find your path.

photo credits: Mandy Vullinghs

Pegness. Who?

Hundreds of websites I have created in the past 15 years. All these years I had this little website with nothing on it but dummy text. And this is what is left, oldschool coded, simplistic, no redundant information. Welcome to this space! My IT career is more in the background and guiding people is taking up more of my time and interest. Time to tribute a little space to it. Still a blank slate, ready to be painted with beautiful adventures. I guide people, Im passionate about growth & transformation, in all shapes and forms. Growing myself, guiding my kids in growth, and hopefully supporting others in their growth processes. Creating that inner freedom, and live in flow, so you can effortlessly do what you want to or are supposed to. It makes me happy to empower people, to be their most wonderful selves.

What's happening?

Courses, classes, retreats and conversations, all designed to get you aligned. To become the owner of your own life, live in flow and feel meaning, experience joy.

When What Where
Mon 6:30 Inspirational monday meditation Online
Tue 6:30 Meditation (magicians only) Online
Wed 6:30 Meditation (magicians only) Online
Wed 9:00 Kiss my as(s)ana (booty flow) @YSN
Thu 18:45 Pregnancy yoga @YSN
Thu 20:15 Yoga Gentle flow @YSN
24 Dec 2023
Workshop: A letting go ritual. Amsterdam North
07 Jan 2024
Course: My morning magic @YSN & online
NEXT MM: 29 Sep 2024
Course: My morning magic @YSN & online

* YSN: Yogaschool Noord, Nachtegaalstraat, Amsterdam

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NEXT morning magic

A kickstart course into a morning ritual or practice that will bring out the best version of yourself, effortlessly. A 6-weeks journey, with a 2 hour workshop every week, and new morning practices every week to experiment with.

This is not your typical "create a morning routine" and "another thing on the todo list", Let yourself be fed, relax, enjoy the ride & expect to expand.

Curious? Click here for more info

Morning magic: into the shadow

Again we will use the mornings to set the tone, but this time to bring our shadows to the light. In the workshops we will take a deeper dive into yourself. The shadow sides, the ones who still control you without even realizing it.

This is not your typical "create a morning routine" and "another thing on the todo list", Let yourself be fed, relax, enjoy the ride & expect to expand.

Curious? Click here for more info

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