Do you or don't bother

"Dream, feel, do, receive and then do it again"

Hundreds of websites I have created in the past 15 years. All these years I had this little website with nothing on it but dummy text. And this is what is left, oldschool coded, simplistic, no redundant information. Welcome to this space! The websites are in the background and guiding people is taking up more of my time and interest. Time to tribute a little space to it. Still a blank slate, ready to be painted with beautiful adventures. I would love to take you on my path, to find your path.

Pegness. Who?

Im passionate about growth & transformation, in all shapes and forms. Growing myself, guiding my kids in growth, and hopefully supporting others in their growth processes. And I love.... love, sigh, thats a whole story by itself.

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"My magical morning"

a kickstart into a morning ritual or practice that will bring out the best version of yourself, effortlessly.

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